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Why artWORKS

In 2014, Path with Art began holding regular community meetings to listen to participant’s thoughts on how to best grow the organization, creating a forum for hearing ideas, concerns, dreams, or considerations from their perspectives. This was the launch pad for several program expansion ideas , including a certificate and leadership program, and advanced learning opportunities. In these community forums, as well as through individual inquiries, participant artists consistently and increasingly reiterated their interest in putting their art out into the world, and  selling their art - but not knowing how to best approach this or where to even start.

This project has been a long time in the making, with several unforeseen obstacles, and much learning along the way. The artWORKS Program at Path with Art is the fulfillment of a commitment we made to our participant artists to offer them professional development, income opportunities, increase the visibility of their artwork, and amplify their voices, as well as give back to the community that they helped build.

Who artWORKS

How artWORKS

To ensure Path with Art adheres to  best practices and policies for healing centered arts engagement, all works are licensed images chosen by the artist. All artists who are eligible may participate. All art selected, except the limited edition Pearl Jam collaboration posters, will be available exclusively online as licensed products, and occasionally at the ArtHOME.

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